Professional Sealcoating will extend the life of your asphalt surfaces.  Over time, small cracks develop in asphalt surfaces.  These small cracks left untreated will eventually become large cracks.  Sealcoating on a regular basis will fill the small cracks and delay their development into large cracks which eventually results in an uneven surface and failure of the asphalt surface.   Sealcoating provides a smooth surface that is easier to keep clean while providing lasting benefits.

Asphalt sealcoating provides a waterproof layer.  This layer reduces the harmful effects of water and snow as well as reducing the absorption of oil and gas that seeps out of vehicles using the asphalt.  Sealcoating helps to retain the pliable nature of asphalt which in turn helps it resist major cracking and heaving.

Fresh Asphalt has a rich dark color.  Sun and chemicals bleach this color out leaving you with a flat gray, dry asphalt surface.  Professional Sealcoating will bring back that rich black surface and regular treatments will help you retain that attractive fresh asphalt color.  In parking lots, parking lines and walkway striping are far more visible when asphalt is properly maintained.  In the north where we live the rich black color of fresh sealcoating increases the absorption of sun's warming rays in the winter.  You may have noticed that dark asphalt driveways and parking lots seem to have less snow and ice on them.  It is not an illusion, they are warmer surfaces and therefore the snow and ice tends to go away much more quickly.

B & D Sealcoating prides itself in provide outstanding service. 

  • Every sealcoating job is complete by trained crew members and supervised by a manager or B & D Sealcoating owner. 
  • Our employees are covered by workman's comp and B & D Sealcoating carries full liability insurance
  • We will schedule your maintenance project around your schedule

The Process:

We offer 1 or 2 Sealcoat applications that are sprayed or broom applied.

  1. First the surface must be cleaned of all sand, salt and debris using a variety of equipment including but not limited to:
    • Motorized Sweepers
    • Power Brooms
    • High Speed Blowers
    • Carbide Routers
    • Wire Wheel Routers
    • and Hand shovels, scrapers and wire brooms
  2. If it is part of the contract we then blow out all large cracks and fill them
  3. We again blow off the surface after crack repair is complete
  4. Edge the project for at least 36 inches to prevent overspray
  5. Sealcoat the surface
  6. Re-strip the surface if it is part of the contract
  7. Cordon off the treated surface for 24 hours to insure the surface is properly cured before traffic uses it

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Professional Asphalt Maintenance in La Crosse and Surrounding Communities