Hot Crack Sealing:

Hot Crack Sealing is part of the sealcoating process provided by any reputable asphalt maintenance contractor.  However, crack filling and patch repairs can be a separate maintenance service on their own.  Asphalt, especially asphalt that has not been properly maintained, will develop large cracks and even pot holes in the surface.  B & D sealcoating provides hot and cold Crack Filling along with Asphalt Patching.

The process:

Asphalt Crack Filling must be done properly for the fill to properly adhere to the surface and provide a waterproof and chemical barrier that will help maintain the integrity of the asphalt surface.

  1. All cracks to be filled are cleaned of loose debris, sand, salt etc. using wire wheels and in some cases a Carbide router
  2. Pot holes are pre-sprayed with petroleum product to enhance patch material adhesion of the bottom and sides of the pot hole
  3. After preparation, hot rubberized filler is applied to the crack
  4. In the case of pot hole repair, loose asphalt is used to fill the hole
  5. The final step in pot hole repair is compaction of the asphalt used to fill the hole

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